31 July 2012

Sui Generis Swag Icon of the Week: Willow Smith

Willow Smith at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards in a Chanel Spring 2012 dress

I've decided to start a little segment on the blog about the people I admire called "Sui Generis Swag Icon of the Week". Those of you who follow my twitter know that I use the term "sui generis swag" quite often. Being the basketball fan that I am, I first created the term to describe Craig Sager's sense of style. If you don't know who Craig Sager visit Google and you'll see why he inspired me. Did you see the suits? I know. I know.

For this first feature I want to highlight Willow Smith, the teen queen at the tip of every tongue these days, in part due to her family's fame but, mostly because of her style. The 11-year-old is in the style spotlight for her widely varying haristyles and colours (Rihanna's got nothing on her), her edgy shoe collection and bold print mixing. What I've observed with the vast majority of media coverage is that a lot of people have opinions about what this child should and should not do. The keyword there being child, a noun people seem to forget applies to little Ms. Smith. I've seen some pretty outrageous shit said about her (and to her). Things I don't even think people would say to adults so it's baffling that it's being spewed so vehemently at a child.

I recently watched an interview between Michael Yo and Willow on Yahoo's "The Yo Show" (really Michael?) where she talked about new music and her style evolution over the years. What struck me most about the interview is how completely innocent she was. This talented creative child who is under such heavy scrutiny for genuinely just wanting to have fun and express herself. Which is why we all fell in love with fashion in the first place isn't it?

From a fashion POV Willow has a lot of the same characteristics we love about our own style icons but people aggressively criticize her because of her age. I know that what I love about Anna Dello Russo is that you literally never know what she's going to wear next and even when it's outrageous it's fabulous. But alas, adults are hypocrites of the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality.

On this Willow said, “Grown ups [have] children and they say “you can be whatever you want to be.”  And then they go on my Instagram and comment, ‘How can your parents let you go out looking like that?’ Telling me that I can’t do what I want to do. When I’m someone’s child. You’re telling your kid they can be this but telling me I can’t be that.”

Point. Taken.

As far as I'm concerned, Willow can whip her bald colourful head anyway she pleases and I hope she stays on the straight and narrow path in the areas that matter.



18 July 2012

Yea or Nay: Opening Ceremony x Norma Kamali Sportsgear

The London 2012 Olympics is fast approaching and with all the excitement in the air I wanted to take a moment to regroup. In this moment, scrolling casually through my Facebook and Twitter updates, I was assaulted stopped by the above image from Opening Ceremony promoting their collaboration with Norma Kamali.

Now, while this is the designer behind the sexy pewter swimsuit that hugged Rihanna's bod in Hawaii (see pic below) and many other designs that I've adored over the years, I am not a fan of this collection. At all. In my mind, it belongs in The Fifth Element which I've seen at least 100 times and as much as I love it, I don't necessarily yearn to look like a stray extra wandering the streets of the city 15 years later. In another fabric choice, and with shorter sleeves, I could have loved this. Maybe.

Rihanna in Norma Kamali's Snake Mio Swimsuit
I do actually love the red dress, it could be exquisite for the right occasion but somehow the other looks are rubbing me all the wrong ways like polyblend. What do you think of the Norma Kamali x Opening Ceremony collection, Yea or Nay?



22 June 2012

Current Obsession: Crochet

I'm currently experiencing pangs of regret for not learning how to knit when I had the chance. Oh the days of my youth. Fortunately for me, and the rest of us crochet junkies, there are those who paid attention to knitting 101 and became the experts who can bring us stunning looks on the runway a la Isabel Marant's Spring 2012 Collection (this is my favourite look from the collection shown above). 

I especially love this trend because as much as it can be a mainstay in winter, it can also be warm-weather friendly for fashionistas like myself who live closer to the equator.

The Crochet Trend as featured by WhoWhatWear this month
The new crochet has evolved past our grandmother and great-grandmother's skillset (unless you're exceptionally lucky) and come in a wide range of colours and looks for all shapes and sizes and even all dress codes (see Zoe Saldana's elegant look above). I've been doing some digging and compiled a few affordable looks (under US$60) for you to get in on the trend this season with dresses, tops, shoes and swimwear!









8 June 2012

Beyoncé in Paris: All Yellow Everything

Ok so not yellow everything but BeyoncĂ© stepped out with Jay-Z in Paris yesterday (leading up to the European leg of his 'Watch the Throne' tour with Kanye West) wearing this yellow monochrome Surface to Air short suit and looking absolutely radiant. Yellow is enjoying its moment in the spotlight recently from suits to dresses to nail polish. 

She complimented the look with a pair of Spring 2012 Prada Jewel-Toe Flame Sandals and an Alexander McQueen animal print Demanta clutch.

Short suits are a must-have this season and every season actually for those of us who, like myself, live in warm weather climates but would still like the aesthetic of a suit. Admittedly, keeping up with the trends is a daunting task but I believe the short suit can withstand the test of time. You can toss the jacket during the day then throw it on in the evening when it gets a little cooler. It's perfection.



4 June 2012

Rihanna Covers Esquire UK July 2012

In other Rihanna news, the pop sensation strips all the way down (yes, again girl) for the July issue of Esquire UK which hits stands today. She was shot by Matt Irwin in what Esquire is calling her "sexiest ever shoot".

Don't know if it's sexier than GQ's January 2010 Issue or Esquire's own shoot last year when they dubbed her "the sexiest woman alive" but that's a matter of personal opinion. It begs the question though, are sexy and nude synonymous terms now?

Watch the behind the scenes video of the shoot here:

And a quick look at the spread (some of which she shared on twitter):

Will you be rushing to get your copy today or have you seen enough of Rihanna in various states of undress?