23 October 2011

Spotted: A Snowy Spring

For Spring some designers went the quintessential route of bright colours and flowing silhouettes and some continued to dwell in the darkness of fall, which I actually enjoyed. Differences aside, what I loved most about many of the shows however, was the white. Oh the crisp and well tailored white. I don't know what it is about white that I find so appealing, perhaps that it looks good on everyone and just generally alludes to cleanliness (because it takes a lot to keep white looking white while you're...oh I don't know...living!). I haven't gone through all the shows yet - this always takes some time - but I've compiled 10 of my elect white (and not quite white - I'm no virtuoso!) looks of Spring.



[Photo: Alessandro Garofalo]


[Photo: Monica Feudi] 

Elie Saab:

[Photo: Alessandro Viero]
P.S: Someone will bewearing this to the Emmys or Oscars, I can smell it.

Christian Siriano:

[Photo: Monica Feudi]

3.1 Phillip Lim:

[Photo: Yannis Vlamos]


[Photo: Alessandro Viero]


[Photo: Alessandro Viero]

Elie Tahari:

[Photo: Filippo Fior]

Emilio Pucci:

[Photo: Monica Feudi]

Emporio Armani:

[Photo: Marcus Tondo]



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Anonymous said...

these will be showing up on the carpets soon. Good looks!