29 January 2012

Delicacies And Jewels At The Beach

A typical day at the beach with my family of friends: Stocked up on our local goodies, checking out some hand made jewellery, stuffing our faces and having a damn fine time.

Hope you enjoy your peek of Trinidad!



23 January 2012

Things I Love: The Cut-Out

Stars like Rooney Mara of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo have made cut-outs the talk of the fashion world recently. Long before Mara however, cut-outs were making an appearance in stores and online and I'm quite taken with the look. It's that subtly provocative allure that I like in favour of the everything-out-there outfit.

The thing about cut-outs is that you can choose where you want to highlight; there are side cut-outs, back cut-outs, and core cut-outs. All splendid in their own way.

These are my 10 picks for cut-out looks for 2012 in trending colours like blush, tangerine and coral.
(Click for info on where to purchase!)

Finders Keepers Cut-Out Coral Dress

Finders Keepers Leaf Jumpsuit

Miss Unkon Lost In Love Dress

Style Moderne Dress

Carmen Lace Dress

Spiced Cut Out Dress

Bosworth Dress

Angle of Opportunity Dress

Lattice Cutout Romper

Milan Cutout Dress



19 January 2012

Beauty of the Braid

I don't know if I told you all but I did actually finally get the fishtail braid right after a billion few attempts since I posted the step-by-step instructions. (Pause for celebration). Since then the fashion world has been featuring a lot of braid detailing in magazine spreads or perhaps I'm only noticing more now that I'm a badass who can do a fishtail braid.

These images from Vogue Paris inspired me and I wanted to share them with you. I don't know if I'll ever be able to actually execute them but that in no way denigrates the allure of attaining that type of romantic look, which could even be manipulated to be edgy. Edgy is always good. Then there's the whole bonus of not having to worry about the wind destroying your shit. Beautiful and low maintenance? Yes please.

Images from WhoWhatWear

I'm going to try one of these the next time I'm stepping out and I'll try to remember to take a pic but if you try any let me know how it turned out!



18 January 2012

Trending: Colour blocking

Colourblocking is everywhere right now. Many of the Pre-Fall Collections (pre-fall has really taken on a life of its own!) such as Jonathan SaundersRoksanda Ilincic and Preen featured colourblocking designs in their clothing. However for those of you afraid to go all out with the look, designers have also been featuring the trend in their footwear (Guiseppe Zanotti S/S 2012 Campaign) which gives you the chance to incorporate it in a smaller way.

There are only two designer looks in here because I focused on the more affordable price range in case, like me, you can't just blow US $500 - $1000 on a pair of shoes. Of course there are flats (because I'm biased) but I break even with flats and heels because I would never leave out you click-clockers.

Yves Saint Laurent Colorblock Sling Pump - US $995

Neutral, muted tones with this YSL pump will go well with any simple outfit you wear.

Monarch Wingtip Heel - US $57.99
For those of you facing frosty weather you may want something more covered. You can pop some colour into your winter wardrobe with this cute shoe.

New Kid Boots - US $179.95
I'm personally a little less into the girly and more into utilitarian style so I love these boots. The colours are subtle and it infuses that touch of menswear so it gets the greenlight with both trends. You can't go wrong with these.

Magpie Contrast Toe Points - US $56.00
Coral is a colour that was trending hard coming to the end of 2011 and I love these not only because they're flat but also because they add an understated chic with the pointed contrast toe. 

Asos Figaro Flat Sandals - US $35.81
Here in the warmer climates like the Caribbean you can opt for a colourblocked sandal to keep it casual and fun. I like these because they're neon hues and for me neon is always good news.

Guiseppe Zanotti Color Block Patent Leather Sandals - US $695
On to a different type of sandal - these are the shoes I first saw that I literally gasped at. They're loud, sturdy-looking and perfect. When I saw the price tag I had to move along quickly. What else can you expect from Zanotti but pricey perfection?

Dani Black Color Block Heels - US $178
These heels are not 5" tall which is fantastic. Other than that I'm drawn to its classic shape - no platform, no straps, no pencil thin heel - just a practical 3.5" heel and a pointed toe. All business up front and a little scarlet in the back. So sophisticated.

Asos Leandra Girly Suede Loafer - US $62.67
The colours in this are so playful without being quite as loud as a neon. I love loafers, they can look right with everything once you know how to execute it.

Jeffrey Campbell Two Tone Sandals - US $99
Cerulean hues are also en vogue and these look like you can walk around in them all day - which may be the intent with those elastic straps which won't stifle your swelling feet. Jeffrey Campbell does affordable footwear right.

Gilmore Contrast Toe Points - US $120
In keeping with the cerulean theme, here's another pair of simple but effective heels. These are reminiscent of that classic Chanel two toned black & white heel. 



17 January 2012

Things I Love: Shoes That Sparkle

I know - how typical - a girl who loves all things that shimmer. I don't usually go for the girly trends and I've been seeing a lot of glittery footwear making prominent appearances but here are the ones I really like. 

There's something about the classic shape and style of a loafer that makes almost anything instantly more chic and polished. I like that these sparkle in just the right way to give an outfit a little something extra.

Do I really need to say anything about these beauties? Aside from the fact that lace ups very much like this one are trending now, I love how they balance that masculine touch with the very girly glitter. 

I'm the biggest possible fan of the ballet flat. Though I'm only 5'2" I almost feel like defending myself with a crucifix whenever I see a high heel shoe. LOVE looking at them, wearing them - not so much. I like that this can be worn as a wardrobe staple with almost anything because of its nude undertone. Very daytime friendly sparkle.

This is a little off trend because it's not glitter - it's sequinned - but I find it a suitable night time alternative to the very muted glitter of the ballet flats preceding it. In case you want to make a quick switch to up the ante from day to evening.

Totally contradicting myself by posting a heel on here, but like I said - LOVE looking at them. Usually when I see sparkly heels they're so over the top shimmery that I feel like only go-go dancers should wear them. This is more muted and I appreciate them for that. Great for night time wobbling through the city.

Speaking of over-the-top glitter, here's a shoe that definitely won't appeal to the faint of heart. This disco explosion appeals to me because as a slipper its easy but definitely not low on impact - which is the best combination. Would love to wear this with a suit.



P.S.: The next post will be on the colourblocking trend. Found some amazing shoes for that!