30 November 2011

Things I Love: Mixing Prints

Mixing prints has been happening for quite a while in the fashion world but recently it's become more intentional than coincidental - and I love it. When I mix prints it's usually accidental (you know that day when you just have to wear something whether or not it matches with everything else? Yeah well that happens often) and also mild since I wear small prints because I'm a hobbit vertically challenged. I also love a great mix of textures but that's another story.

It goes without saying though that only some people can successfully execute this, and by "successfully execute" I mean make it look smashing. Swag is an essential element necessary to pull this off but mainly you need balls. I say this because mixing prints will draw attention your way and you have to be completely confident and comfortable with your look (as with everything else you wear really). It's all in the details!

Here are some pictures of awesome people - both men and women - with admiration-worthy balls.

(via  Sartorialist)

(via Tommy Ton)

(via Sartorialist)

(via Tommy Ton)

(via Sartorialist)

(via Tommy Ton)

P.S.: I just love this last guy. So fab.


21 November 2011

If I was a rich girl...

I still would not pay this much for a dress. No, not even this Balmain Silk Runway dress of which only one was created and made available today on SSense. Not even if it was composed of solid gold and diamonds. It's very beautiful and I've been loving on Balmain's designs for some time now but unless this US $29,650 is a typographical error on SSense's part I'll just be on my stunned-by-your-beauty-from-afar James Blunt scenario.

But I would have considered the purchase. Briefly.

I dig this little zipper detail on the back of the sleeve too.

P.S.: Joan Smalls holds the power to make me want to buy ANYTHING though. Not that my 5'2" petite frame compares to her svelte 5'10" moneymaker. But a girl can dream.


6 November 2011

Inspiration: Tommy Ton

We've all probably seen and admired Tommy Ton's photos via Style.com (I always do! Pause for a fan girl moment ... ok carry on) and when I saw this video today my brain literally sparked. It's so easy to shelve your dreams and fall into a monotonous "safe" existence because you think it's unrealistic or you're afraid to fail. Only in the last few months have I come to the point of pushing myself and becoming my own motivator, I'm only just beginning to apply it but I feel a sense of accomplishment for even getting to this point.

Start moving. What better way is there to spend your time than in pursuit of your passions? (oooh! that just came off the top of the dome I swear!)

"Your feet hurt, and you don't eat, and you don't sleep but what keeps you going is the love of fashion." - Tommy Ton

Video from Style Studio.

P.S.: Wouldn't you love if Tommy Ton or Scott Schuman take your picture? Not because of the publicity (I really don't really like having my picture taken unless I do a stupid face or pageant smile) but because it signifies that in a sea of people with so many beautiful and intriguing layers, you stood out in some way. i.e. you got that super bass.


5 November 2011

Spotted: Mirror Mirror

Came across this magnificent diamant√© wall mirror while visiting Tendir (one of my go-to places when I want to see what's happening with design) and was immediately enamoured with it. It's 3-Dimensional design makes me feel like I could pull a Narcissus and fall into it if I gaze at my fair form too long. 

This is the most glamorous and modern mirror I've come across in a while and in the right space it will be magnificent. Forget a ring, gift this to a girl and she'll be less likely to throw it at your head surely love you forever.

Diamant√© wall mirror by Regia


3 November 2011

The Elusive Fishtail Braid

I don't know about the rest of you but I have been trying to this braid for years - each attempt resulting in an epic fail. This puzzles me because in all the pictures and videos and DIY posts, it seems like such a cinch but as soon as I sit in front of that mirror to begin the process, it's a disaster. I wanted to do it as recently as last Saturday to execute a look  but after sitting in front of my mirror for 25 minutes trying to decipher the equation I believe I pulled a muscle in my right eye - if that's at all possible (it seriously took me like 2 minutes to see regularly in that eye!). 

I succumb to the fact that I am not adept at all things fishtail braid. I believe this is why it's important to surround yourself with people who can do the things you can't - I call them friends. 

I saw this yesterday during my daily browse over at refinery29 and (while shaking my head) decided that today I will try this one last time. For all other fishtail wannabes, let me know if this worked for you.

1. Start by bringing all of your hair to the right side of your head. Grab a small piece from behind your left ear, and then do the same on your right side. Bring both pieces over to the right side of your head. 

2. Divide the small section on the right side into two: A thin, half-inch section on the far right, leaving the remaining section as a one-and-a-half-inch section. This should leave you with three sections of hair in your hands: The section from the left side of your head and the two sections from the right side in varying sizes. 

3. Take the small, half-inch section from the far right and cross it over, combining it with the left section. Grab a half-inch section from the outside-most section of the left-side portion, and combine with the right side.

4. Take a half-inch section from the right side (taking it from the furthest section on the right), and grab a half-inch section from the remaining hair below (from the right outside, as well), and add all of that to the left section. Do the same on the left side. Repeat, pulling towards the right side. Continue crossing hair over from one section to the other and secure with an elastic band. 

5. The short version: Take two equal sections of hair, and pull a thin strand from the outside edge of one section. Cross the thin strand over the other section of hair. Combine the strand to the hair in that section. Repeat the same steps with a thin strand from the outside of the other section until you’ve created crossover pattern, or a fishtail braid.

6. Rough it up a bit at the top of the braid, and pull the strands to loosen and fatten it up.

Fingers crossed for attempt #456.