21 November 2011

If I was a rich girl...

I still would not pay this much for a dress. No, not even this Balmain Silk Runway dress of which only one was created and made available today on SSense. Not even if it was composed of solid gold and diamonds. It's very beautiful and I've been loving on Balmain's designs for some time now but unless this US $29,650 is a typographical error on SSense's part I'll just be on my stunned-by-your-beauty-from-afar James Blunt scenario.

But I would have considered the purchase. Briefly.

I dig this little zipper detail on the back of the sleeve too.

P.S.: Joan Smalls holds the power to make me want to buy ANYTHING though. Not that my 5'2" petite frame compares to her svelte 5'10" moneymaker. But a girl can dream.


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