27 October 2011

Spotted: A Match Orchestrated By The Fashion Gods

I've been off the grid for a few days now and what do I return to find? This swagged out (and beyond adorable) couple captured by Scott Schuman. He has such a good eye  for finding interesting people and more importantly,  stylish people. It's one thing to duplicate the du jour, it's another thing entirely to express and represent yourself.

P.S.: Isn't this why we all love to people watch?


23 October 2011

Spotted: A Snowy Spring

For Spring some designers went the quintessential route of bright colours and flowing silhouettes and some continued to dwell in the darkness of fall, which I actually enjoyed. Differences aside, what I loved most about many of the shows however, was the white. Oh the crisp and well tailored white. I don't know what it is about white that I find so appealing, perhaps that it looks good on everyone and just generally alludes to cleanliness (because it takes a lot to keep white looking white while you're...oh I don't know...living!). I haven't gone through all the shows yet - this always takes some time - but I've compiled 10 of my elect white (and not quite white - I'm no virtuoso!) looks of Spring.



[Photo: Alessandro Garofalo]


[Photo: Monica Feudi] 

Elie Saab:

[Photo: Alessandro Viero]
P.S: Someone will bewearing this to the Emmys or Oscars, I can smell it.

Christian Siriano:

[Photo: Monica Feudi]

3.1 Phillip Lim:

[Photo: Yannis Vlamos]


[Photo: Alessandro Viero]


[Photo: Alessandro Viero]

Elie Tahari:

[Photo: Filippo Fior]

Emilio Pucci:

[Photo: Monica Feudi]

Emporio Armani:

[Photo: Marcus Tondo]



20 October 2011

Street Photography

You can't browse the web in the 21st century without coming across hundreds of street photographers's websites and their body of work, sometimes flippantly but oft with intrigue. Street Photography has become much more than a hobby for many and now serves as a platform not only for showcasing designer clothes but for capturing individual swag.

Today I came across this video and story over at Another Magazine and found it edifying. I'm not a photographer, I'm just a writer with a camera on loan but these real street photographers make me want to revisit that.

Get inspired and read the story here: Everybody Street, Cheryl Dunn


19 October 2011

The Joy Of New Shoes

While strolling through the city with my mom a week ago I stumbled upon these golden Steve Madden beauties and had to have them (and to think I was going to head straight home!). Cheers to mom for blessing me with them as an early birthday gift. Didn't wear them on my birthday but I wore them the day after and I am convinced they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. 

In short - I'm in love.

P.S.: Especially love the little eyelet cut-outs, quite the sucker for details.