4 April 2012

New Music: Rita Ora feat. Tinie Tempah - R.I.P.

Brit songstress Rita Ora, who made her US debut earlier this year with 'How We Do', is back again with 'R.I.P.' The ROC's new female artist is flaunting a very Rihanna-like style in the video, accompanying what I find to be very blasé vocals. Tinie Tempah's verse saved the song for me but this is not one I'll be listening to in my spare time. It leaves me wondering if with all the controversy surrounding Rihanna and Chris Brown collaborating, allegedly against Jay-Z's wishes, Rita Ora is now being prepped as her replacement. I doubt I'm alone on this but the way she fluctuates her tone is very much like what Rihanna is known for.

Now, I say all this not because I'm one of those people who love to compare a new artist to an established one, but because it's plain as day for me to come to these conclusions. This is not comparable to when Rihanna first came out and everyone was comparing her to Beyonce. They don't even have the same sound nor did they have the same look at the time (aside from hair colour). People just LOVE to do that whole compare and contrast to stir unnecessary drama/beef/whatever you want to call it. With Rita and Rihanna though I think after watching the video you'll be able to understand why the comparison is so evident.

Here are some stills from the video:

And here's the video:

Let's just say it's a good thing Rihanna's back to black.



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