4 April 2012

New Music: Steve Aoki feat. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker - Cudi The Kid

Kid Cudi is continuing on his rock rager trend on this track with Steve Aoki and Travis Barker. This is more of a rager meets dubstep but I really like it and also appreciate the artistic concept of the video. It reminds me of dreams I've had and I have an extra inclination to like the song because I love the video (am I the only one that happens to by the way?).

This feels like a continuation of 'WZRD' which Cudi dropped in February with producer and friend Dot Da Genius. The album was very rockstar and featured the rapper doing more of his new favourite thing - singing (as he does on this track with Aoki). A lot people essentially said, "get back to rapping." Cudi fans however went out and got the album and fully endorsed his new sound because after all, it's Cudi, he's a talented and creative guy and it's always interesting to see what his new music will consist of. I appreciate when my favourite artistes try new sounds, it says to me that they aren't stuck, that they're willing to try new things and step out of their comfort zone. Musical evolution and exploration - I see nothing wrong with that. Don't we all have to try new things at some point in our lives to avoid a rotting existence?

Learn more about WZRD here and check out the new video below.



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