18 July 2012

Yea or Nay: Opening Ceremony x Norma Kamali Sportsgear

The London 2012 Olympics is fast approaching and with all the excitement in the air I wanted to take a moment to regroup. In this moment, scrolling casually through my Facebook and Twitter updates, I was assaulted stopped by the above image from Opening Ceremony promoting their collaboration with Norma Kamali.

Now, while this is the designer behind the sexy pewter swimsuit that hugged Rihanna's bod in Hawaii (see pic below) and many other designs that I've adored over the years, I am not a fan of this collection. At all. In my mind, it belongs in The Fifth Element which I've seen at least 100 times and as much as I love it, I don't necessarily yearn to look like a stray extra wandering the streets of the city 15 years later. In another fabric choice, and with shorter sleeves, I could have loved this. Maybe.

Rihanna in Norma Kamali's Snake Mio Swimsuit
I do actually love the red dress, it could be exquisite for the right occasion but somehow the other looks are rubbing me all the wrong ways like polyblend. What do you think of the Norma Kamali x Opening Ceremony collection, Yea or Nay?



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