16 December 2011

Things I Love: Shoe Shopping

There's just nothing quite like a day of ogling beautiful shoes for hours on end, trying on pair after pair then settling on one (or one of many) that you just must have. Just thinking about it is reviving me. Super exhausted after a day of running all around the city with the bestie getting late Christmas gifts (tis the season for tardiness!), fabulous bargain jeans, turtle rings and scented things. Only just when we were both on the verge of fainting did we stop to eat and regroup. Then we practically helped close a store. Sigh. The lives we lead!

With Oxfords and other lace-up flats being all the rage for some time now, they've popped up in all sorts of colours, patterns and other variations. One of my favourite stores in the heart of the city, Blaanix, keeps them all in stock. Check out the many adorable (and affordable!) beauties I spied today.

But even with this selection I decided to get myself a lace-free pair of leopard print slippers that I adore. 

P.S.: Spy the swollen feet? Side effect of being in the city on a Friday in the midst of Christmas sales.



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