30 December 2011

2012 Resolutions: Beauty, Fashion and Other Concerns

Unlike the many other resolutions I've made - throughout the year, not just now that a new one is about to begin - I have all intentions to really keep these going. Really. 

Here are the essential elements I want to implement in 2012:


  • Wear more sunscreen (SPF 25 and up): One of the most significant considering I live in the Caribbean. As a brown skinned lady I tend to let this slip more than I should thinking I don't really need it but I don't want to face the aftermath so I will approach this with diligence!
  • Wash all my make up brushes at least once a week.
  • Exfoliate: Face and Body. Would like to get my hands on a Body Shop Cactus Body Brush to use in the shower and make my life easier. And smoother.
  • Mani-perfection: I'm not really a fan of manicures at the salon (seems like a punishing experience for nails after some time) so I do my nails myself but I'd like to keep them well polished more often instead of opting out with clear polish.
  • Touch my face less: Anyone who has seen Contagion gets this. For those of you who haven't, it's just not good news for your skin - or your health for that matter.
  • Acquire selective vision: I vow to no longer look in the mirror and point out every flaw but to see the beautiful features before me. I may even go so far as so say, "good morning beauty!" to myself. Too far? Perhaps.


  • Be more daring: I want to experiment with more adventurous looks this time around. Timidity and fashion are not friends.  I'm growing balls as we speak.
  • Travel somewhere to experience winter: And buy many fabulous coats and boots and other winter gear I can't wear in the Caribbean.
  • Become a ballerina: I wish. As someone who has all but sworn off heels for life (oh the agony of those 4" & 5" gorgeous devils!) I will own many ballet flats. And moccasins. And sandals. And other flat fashionable footwear. No flipflops. Flipflops are for the birds.
  • Make more meaningful purchases: This is a tough one. Everything is meaningful in the store when you see it and just have to have it. So I guess what I mean is buy what I need. Although need is subjective...
  • Get with the clutch: Only when I needed one recently did I realise I am sans clutch. One of my besties gifted me a lovely royal blue one for Christmas which I adore but, I need to buy clutches. And yes, this would qualify as a meaningful purchase. "Sans clutch" I said!
  • Become besties with a tailor: We all need a tailor in our lives, they are the key to success in fashion. Most of the clothes we buy are made for standard sizes and let me tell ya, as a 5'2" petite gal my size is all but standard. 

Other Resolutions

  • Listen to music less when I walk around the city: I always miss so many interesting things that can add richly to my city-strolling experience. And can avoid getting hit by a bus or trolley pushing vagrant.
  • Quality time with Blanket: No, not the late great MJ's son - an actual blanket. I always go to the movies with my blanket and need to do so more next year because I missed so many great movies in 2011!
  • Planning and Implementation: I have so many ideas for this blog, it's crazy. I haven't been able to really venture out and do what I need to do to get it rolling but I've already started laying down plans for 2012. Here's hoping you'll be hearing from me more!

What is your resolution list looking like?



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