5 December 2011

I Have A Dream...

...that one day all men will be stylish and smooth but not possess so much swag that it inflates their ego or tampers with their good nature. But it's just a dream. A dream recently coming to fruition though is one where men are paying as much attention (if not more) to their shoes as other aspects of their outfit. And no - not just their Air Jordans or other man-magnet SNEAKER.

I actually did wake up today thinking of men's shoes though but I blame Gucci. Their men's shoes are crazy in the best way. The first one to catch my eye because of its brilliant hue was this Blue Velvet Moccasin (make that blue velvet with blue leather trim - need I say more?). Simple and Classic.

Understandably the Gucci budget is unattainable to most so I also went off in search of equally chic yet much more affordable footwear for the everyday male fashion aficionado working with a budget.

A suitable alternative to this US$495 Gucci moccasin is the Cole Haan Air Monroe Penny which goes for US$198. 
Note: What also makes this very guy friendly is the Nike-AIR technology in the heel which gives you sneaker comfort without the sneaker. Nice.

In keeping with the moccasin look which is enjoying its moment in the fashion spotlight, I also love the glossy Gucci Black Patent Leather Moccasin which is adorned with a velvet strip. 

Perhaps it's the shine that drew me in but when all else in your outfit is neat and sleek these shoes will be the perfect understated pop if you're timid with colour or depending on the occasion. These cost US$570 but you can get a similar look from Calvin Klein for just US$130 with the Guilford.

Next on the list were the Gucci Tan Lace-Up Oxfords. I like the detail in these shoes; the fade, the perforations, the stitching, and the embossed Gucci script. Said details (and brand name) are probably why they cost US$565.

But you can get those details in the Ted Baker Hake 2 shoes which don't have the perforations but have everything else for only US$185.

Last but not least on the list: Remember those Oxfords with tassels your grandfather used to wear that made you think he was so cool? Decades later, they're back. The thing is, had you worn these even 4 years ago you would have been ridiculed but guess what - they're cool again! Fashion is a vicious cycle. Gucci has this Black Moccasin with Tassels for US$630.

But you can achieve a similar look for US$105 with the Executive Imperials Men's Wingtip Slip-On. Though not quite as debonair, its fantastic for the same effect.

Hope these come in handy for your upcoming holiday parties!



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