25 February 2012

Favourite Looks of London Fashion Week

I've been looking at a million pictures (and them some) from the Fall Ready-to-Wear collections shown at London Fashion Week in the last few days. So much detail, incredible textures, some great outerwear pieces that once again had me longing to live in a country that actually has snow and cold weather so I can wear them, also noticed some cut-out pieces a la Rooney Mara (did you see the Calvin Klein show btw? Maraness!). The female form was also experimented with a great deal through some interesting perspectives on silhouettes, great colours and prints carried over from the New York Fashion Week collections and (if at all possible) were done in an even bigger way. 'Prints on prints on prints' was the theme of many of these collections. And frankly, that's just fine with me.

Here are ALL of my favourite looks from LFW. (You can click the name of the label to see the full Style.com slideshow)

Mulberry (tie)

McQ (Male and Female)

Sidenote: McQ was my favourite collection of LFW. I'm a fan of all things even somewhat utilitarian and military green is my favourite colour. Perfection!

Burberry Prorsum (Male and Female)



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