25 February 2012

Trinidad Carnival 2012

Based purely on fears of being dirty all day and possibly getting chased by blue devils and red devils and all variation of J'ouvert devils I decided not to step out of my haven on Carnival Monday. As such, I knew that on carnival Tuesday I had to go out, get some pictures, socialise (kiss babies and shake hands and whatnot), and do what Trinis do best - palance. It was such a splendid day that I'm finding myself pausing at times and smiling when fragments of it come to the forefront of my mind. I enjoyed many a beverage, savoured the thing they call real conversation (ah so superb!), and met some talented artisans (which will lead to more posts and interviews in the weeks to come).

The costumes this year were not particularly more beautiful than they were any other year, but in lieu of being just a spectator I was playing the role of photographer and was able to look at things a little differently. Having said all of that, I hope you enjoy Trinidad carnival. From my perspective at least.




P.S.: There were so many technicalities with this post (which was supposed to be up two days ago) but I hope you at least enjoyed the end result.


Diahann said...

Such beautiful colours!! cool shots. Gonna be ready for them next year!

Daniella Carrington said...

Love this!!!!