17 March 2012

Best and Worst Dressed of the Week

I haven't done this before but enough has come to my attention this week that I need to get off my chest. You know how it is sometimes.

Worst Dressed

Let's start with the styling disaster that was Ashanti. The beautiful singer headed to Power 99fm in Pennsylvania to debut her single 'The Woman You Love' wearing this:

Now, while I love that mint colour on her I have to say I hated everything else. From the ridiculous (and unnecessary) sunglasses to the superrrr tight jeans and last but not least - the shirt. I don't know what was happening in her mind or her stylist's mind when they set this look up. It's just way to much. I know she's in the industry of all things gaudy but sometimes you really need to remember the old adage "less is more."

Speaking of less is more, Rihanna is on the worst dressed this week with this netted flashing disaster of a top. I find some of her "street style" is a bit too contrived now. Nipples aside, the top isn't flattering at all and looks like an bargain bin piece because it was sewed incorrectly. Riri, get it together girl.

Best Dressed

Amandla Stenberg was an adorable beauty at 'The Hunger Games' LA Premiere in this Collette Dinnigan dress from the Spring 2010 collection. The 13-year-old was also age appropriate which I think is important as so many of these stars don't know how to dress to suit their age (the old AND the young). I would definitely have loved to wear this at her age. It's the right length, the right fit and thank heaven she didn't wear sky high heels a la Miley Cyrus. Lovely.

Jennifer Lawrence was the talk of the fashion world in this Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 dress which she wore to 'The Hunger Games' LA Premiere. Even the firing squad that is Joan Rivers gave her best dressed on E!'s Fashion Police. Stop the presses! But really, the gown is gorgeous on her and more than just her beautiful face, her figure is what really sold it. She looks healthy and fit and not like she needs to sit and have a meal (like some other A list starlets have recently). She's been stunning at every premiere for the Hunger Games thus far, maybe not such a perfect choice for Berlin but it can slide.

Hunger Games stars are killing the carpet!

Don't know if I'll make this a regular thing but I was feeling it this week. Who was on your list of worst and best dressed of the week? 



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