7 March 2012

Things I Love: Neon Bags

Hi my name is Ally, and I am obsessed with these neon bags. For me, this obsession began about a month ago with Proenza Schouler when they shared photos of their neon bags via their Facebook page. It was further cultivated when they started popping up in almost all the street style photos of the blogs I visit daily. All in my subliminal. The last straw was when these showed up on Need Supply, a staple in my fashion diet. I've officially been surrounded. And I need one lest I die having lead an unfulfilled life!

Ok a tad dramatic but, really, these are some beautiful inanimate objects that need to adorn my being.


What's not to love? I will admit that the preponderance of these neon bags has been a bit of off-putting. But I can understand. At the end of the day once something is beautiful and accessible, many will want it, many will get it and many more will snob it because of it's popularity. I would still like to own one. Just because it's beautiful and reminds me of paw paw (which I could never get enough of).



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