2 March 2012

A Day with Dani, the Unintentional Muse

My friend and fellow creative mind Daniella, has become a favourite subject of sorts for me throughout my experimentation with photography (even at the beach). We've been involved in each other's artistic endeavours for a few years now and the experience is usually one for the books - or the occasional art exhibition. Basically, I have a muse. 

Ok I don't but I relish saying that because it makes me feel like Karl Lagerfeld.

Anyway, Dani and I recently had some down time consisting of amazing, belt-busting Asian food and a respectable amount of alcohol. We went to Drink!, one of our favourite bars (and probably the most cozy place I could think of to kick back with friends) and walked right into a speed dating night. Yes, it was a bit awkward, so we decided to observe from a reasonable distance. As in, sitting outside. Sitting outdoors also allowed us the opportunity to talk as loudly and candidly as we wanted to. You know that moment when you're talking to someone and the track changes and in that 4 second moment of silence you're SHOUTING something really inappropriate to your friend? Avoided!

Our beers were exceptionally large but absolutely delicious.
One of several very cool light fixtures at Drink!.
Reviewing the day's photos.    
Me, according to Dani.
Dani, according to me.


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Daniella Carrington said...

First solo feature, oh how my heart is filled with joy. Thanks my dear.