17 March 2012

Solange Knowles in London's Evening Standard Mag

Solange Knowles has been thriving in a spotlight all her own and stepping away from the "Beyoncé's sister" title that has been her only reference for so long. She recently sat with the Evening Standard for an interview in which she discussed her failed albums, her relationship with Beyoncé, experiences on tour with Destiny's Child, being an aunt, and her new album.

On the making of her second album and its Sixties sound: "I'd have to time it around the baby's naps," she says. "And make sure he wasn't crying in the background on demos... I would send them to my publisher [EMI] and would check every day if someone was interested. This was before the retro vibe of Amy Winehouse and Adele... they were not very well received."

On the sound of her yet untitled album (to be released this Summer): "There's a lot of sexual vibes on it. I think I just finally started having good sex. This woman came up to me the other day and said, 'You know, I think people dress a lot better when they're in love with themselves, with other people, or with where their life is.'"

On whether or not she gives childcare advice to Beyoncé: "No, I really feel like because I had my son so young, I didn't want everyone's help," she says. "I think people felt entitled to give advice, so I'm always very sensitive to mums and letting them feel their way out. But there have been times when she'll ask, "Did Julez do this? Did this ever happen with Julez?" And I'll gladly give her advice."

On her relationship with her sister: "You know, my sister and I truly are best friends."

On life right now: "I'm in a really good place, and I think things are evolving because of that. Professionally, personally, I think that over the last three years I've just had a lot more stability, a lot more clarity about where I want to be and how I want to get there." 

I really like Solange, she has a natural flair and good taste in fashion and music and I look forward to her next project. She also looks flawless in these photos.

Get the full interview at Evening Standard Magazine.



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