27 March 2012

The Wedding of Weddings: The Invite

I'm on vacation! Nice opener right? I'm in Toronto for two weeks to attend what I like to call 'the wedding of weddings'. My twin (separated at birth and born three years ahead) also known as my cousin Samantha, is getting married! To the coolest and most creative Englishman no less. A match made in heaven and I couldn't be any happier to be here to watch this all play out before my eyes. Two weeks ago, I got my invitation to this epic event in the mail and I could tell it was a product of diligence. It was comparable to the distinction between hand made jewellery that received individual attention and the mass produced (although still beautiful) alternative. I asked Sam about it and she told me her fiancĂ©e Tim designed and made them. This was my first indication that I was going to be happy to welcome him into our family.

Front: A map of the neighbourhood where Samantha grew up in Canada

Your presence is requested...

The After Party: The thing I'm looking forward to the most after the exchange of vows


Back: A map of the neighbourhood where Tim grew up in England

Weddings make me feel like such a hopelessly romantic female a la the fairy tales engrained in our brains. So excited for this! Look out for more posts on Sam's preparations leading up to D Day including the vintage inspired dress and headpiece she made herself (and the many other things she made, my fam has talent), the bridal party and the hilarious shots I got at her bridal shower.



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